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Improve Running Form and Technique

This is the absolutely the most important skill that we as runners can develop!

If we value both our health and our running, it is the key to the highway (or trail!).

Once we accomplish this, many of the quick and temporary fix, static, and overly-targeted therapeutic approaches can be discarded.

Discover my “Whole Body” approach to running form … Read More

Rehab Coaching and Recovery Running

Individually tailored and highly successful approach for injured runners, post-surgery, older runners, those with chronic injuries or returning after surgery, new runners, and those who thought they could never run again. Read more

Virtual Sessions

“I sought Douglas’ help after suffering from chronic running injuries over the past 15 years … Although I live in the Midwest, Douglas’ sage advice is never more than a phone call, email, or Skype session away.”  Read more

Holistic Physical Therapy

As a holistic physical therapy practitioner I take the understanding I have of the human body and of injury and healing processes and apply that to all the ways a person uses themselves at work, athletics, home, play, and daily activities. Read more