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Improve Your Running Form and Technique

Running form and technique is the most essential aspect of being able to fully enjoy the sport. And while it makes sense that it “should be” natural, there are as many deviations from the “ideal form” as there are people. So it could be said that most people would benefit from instruction. These benefits include: improved performance, injury resistance, speedy recovery from aches and pains, and increased sense of ease and effortlessness.

Many books and other materials on running form will offer advice. But like mail order clothing the instructions may or may not fit your body, and in addition it doesn’t take into account your particular learning style or the sequence of changes that might be necessary for you, the individual. So even though it may be good advice, you could very well find it useless or even disorienting and problematic.


It is for this reason that I have adopted a very personalized approach to teaching people how to run. This is especially important when attempting to help people overcome pain and injury associated with their current running form and technique.

For clients this involves testing for muscle imbalances and tension, video analysis, and continued use of video to help build awareness and reinforce progress, postural correction, and form correction. And prescribed running programs to help you achieve your goals (be it simply running without pain, running lots of miles, or improved performance).

For myself this involves understanding and honoring the learning style and the natural learning speed of each individual.


Long Distance Skype Sessions

As a busy mom and professor, I very much appreciate the convenience of “meeting” via Skype. Douglas’ sage advice is never more than a phone call, email, or Skype session away. — Nicole N., Indiana

2-Session Running Clinic
at Apex Center, Arvada

Saturdays: April 11 & 25
More details here

In-depth videos: learn how to Heal on the Run by identifying and fixing six common running form errors.

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